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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding tyre fitting, balancing and puncture repair services provided by Richhill Tyres and information for ordering new tyres, payments and booking tyre fitting appointments.

Who are Richhill Tyres

Richhill Tyres are a professional tyre fitting service. We are an independent company who have set new standards in car tyre replacement with our tyre and repairs service! 

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Tyre Safety - Frequently Asked Questions

When should my tyres be replaced?

The legal limit for the tread of the tyre is 1.6mm across ¾ of the tread pattern. Your tyre should be replaced if any of the following defects are visible:

If the tread is less that 1.6mm.
If the tyre has any bald patches.
If the internal construction of the tyres is visible.
If the sidewall of the tyre bulges anywhere.
If the tyre is split.
If the tyre has extensive cracking or the rubber is perishing, (usually on older tyres.)
If the tyre is not the same size as the one on other side of the axle.

What does the speed rating mean?

The speed rating is marked on the side of the tyre and indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry the load corresponding with its load index. Example 91V.

"T" rated tyres are designed to carry their load up to 118 MPH.
H" rated tyres are designed to carry their load up to 130MPH.
"V" rated tyres are designed to carry their load no faster than 150.
Tyres marked with a "W" and "Y" are designed to go faster than 150 MPH but no faster then 169 & 186 MPH respectively. The "W" & "Y" ratings usually appear with the ZR rating. .
The "ZR" rating without a "W" or "Y" indicates 150 MPH.

Even if you do not drive at these speeds, the correct specification is essential in order to comply with the vehicle manufactures recommendation and your insurance policy.

Are your batteries guaranteed?

We supply and fit only new batteries, which have a 3-year guarantee.

What does the tyre price include?

There are no hidden extras; our price includes your tyres, fitting at our tyre fitting premises, as well as providing tyre valves, wheel balancing and the disposal of your old tyres.